OptimaPlus.ch is an online insurance service that provides instant insurance quotes to buyers online for FREE. Consumers can obtain free proposals for a variety of insurance products and services by merely clicking for insuring home, life, cars and health. By researching the available options with ease, buyers may choose the right option for their specific financial and family situations.

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    Car insuranceCar Insurance    personal liability insuranceLiability Insurance   Home iinsuranceHome Insurance   immobilien versicherungen Immobilien   reiseversicherung schweizTravel Insurance   Legal protection insurance Legal Insurance
  • private individuals

    33189972 s Leben / Vorsorge   33282624 sVorsorgekonto 3a   34227353 sHealth Care   UnfallversicherungUnfallversicherung  

  • corporate customers

    34141562 soccupational Pension Provision   34141639 sCopulsory Accident Insurance 
      33723217 sBusiness Inventrory Insurance   34220373 sDaily Sickness Benefits Insurance   33248233 sBusiness Liability Insurance   34141567 sBusiness Legal Protection