About us

About Us

OptimaPlus.ch is an online comparison and service platform that helps consumers find the right product for them.

The many benefits OptimaPlus.ch customers will enjoy include

Saving time

Typically searching for the right insurance product or package can be an extremely time consuming effort that requires searching the websites of individual providers, phoning up companies, speaking with representatives, and comparing the various aspects of several deals. Using Optima Plus comparison system, the customer can quickly retrieve the offers of all participating companies after a single input.

Saving Money

OptimaPlus.ch shows individual deals with the best price-performance ratio, bringing clarity and transparency to the insurance market. This allows the customers to view all their options and choose the best one for them, which can mean a savings of over 1,000 francs a year! Specially renegotiated products give consumers an extra incentive - the experts at OptimaPlus.ch will always make up to three top deals.

Free Service

OptimaPlus.ch is a totally free consumer portal. Our revenue is based on the insurance purchased through our portal. Therefore, you never have to pay until you find a great deal for you!

Our Products
Car Insurance
 You may secure comprehensive solution for auto insurance for getting protected against injuries caused to body, property, car, and any other damages during collisions or expenses incurred during medical treatments. The pricing will be competitive for the protection which can be secured.
Health insurance
 You may find quality health insurance covers with easy-to-manage monthly or annual premiums by taking advantage of our online assistance.
Homeowners insurance
 We offer you a low cost home insurance coverage which will accord protection against damage to your personal property, jewelry theft and any other kind of personal liabilities.
Life insurance
 We provide affordable life insurance policies that financially protect buyers’ families in the event of their death. All you need to do is just a host of available life insurance alternatives that have convenient payment plans and choose one that satisfies your needs.