Terms and conditions

1.General Terms Conditions (GTC) These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) govern the mutual rights and obligations between the Optima Plus and its customers (hereinafter "Users" in the following, in the provision and use of

The general terms and conditions apply to every business relationship recognized as tacitly and apply to all products offered, and services. Deviations require a written agreement from Optima Plus or a corresponding change in the respective written order confirmation.

2.Verfügbarkeit services Optima Plus is worried for the permanent availability of their infrastructure (servers, Internet connections, online services, etc.). For maintenance purposes, and unexpected system failures can connect to restrict any time and without notice availability of Services or out of operation for an indefinite period. Optima Plus reserves the right to registered users of obvious abuses and repeatedly encountered complaints from the offer excluded.

3.Use of With the use of the user to present here Terms, use and privacy as well as the disclaimer, all of which are an integral part of the Terms and Conditions recognizes. The user agrees that Optima Plus user behavior recorded and entered data to the respective partner company forwards (learn more). Optima Plus is working with various companies together to offer services such as request, comparisons and can in particular provide an online insurance cover. The user accepts that these companies are not called before a request for proposal, a direct statements or the use of services.

Fourth payment terms and prices The range of can be used for free by the user. Request quotation are always free and does not commit to a conclusion. By contracting through an online degree resulting contract costs are each specified in the contract by the appropriate company or service provider. It always adheres to the respective provider.

5.Haftungsbeschränkung and Disclaimer In no event is liable for any direct, indirect, direct or indirect damages, arising from the use or by failures of the service offered by Optima Plus, in particular not liable for misconduct or damage caused by external partners have arisen. In case of malfunctions is trying toconnect to a quick resolution. has toconnect with the online offer of no direct influence on the quality and prices of the products and services of mediated enterprise. All contents are researched as much as possible and are intended purely for information purposes. Optima Plus is not liable in particular in these cases:

- Direct or indirect damages for malfunctions of the Optima Plus infrastructure, in particular of malfunction of partner companies.

- Direct or indirect damage due undelivered or offer advice to partner companies.

- Misconduct and erroneous information on services provided by partner companies services / consultations.

- Do not provide truthful information by users or partners.

- Electronic messages are not correct, do not unlawful legally be transmitted or intercepted by third parties.

- Request processing errors in an offer and direct statements.

6.Pflichten the user The user guarantees Optima Plus not to misuse the offer under The User warrants and Optima Plus that you have read and understood the present Terms and Conditions and Privacy and Terms of Use, in particular when creating a request for proposal or a direct conclusion. The User warrants and Optima Plus, the obtained from the use not to use information for competitive products. Received information, offers, documents and the like, which are created by the use of may not be made ​​public or for a purpose.

7.Vertraulichkeit The user observes silence to third parties in respect of any information which has been made ​​to them in the context of the use of and Optima Plus accessible. The Still confidentiality shall also apply after termination of the use or cooperation.

  8.Besucherstatistik / tracking cookies and use of user data Refer to form our privacy and terms of use, which integral part of these Terms and Conditions.

9.Allgemeine provisions These Terms and Conditions apply recognized as implied in the recording business with Optima Plus. The terms and conditions form an integral part of the relationship between Optima Plus and the user of

Optima Plus reserves the right to change these terms unilaterally. The statement of changes or publication of these Terms and Conditions will take effect immediately for the customer, unless notice of opposition in writing within 7 days.