Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine

 Osteopathy, Shiatsu, and Homeopathy

Over time in Switzerland many forms of alternative medicine have become more commonplace alongside more conventional medicine and treatments. While many alternative medicines have not yet received the same analysis from Western science with concrete results, countless patients have reported successful treatment and can attest to the effectiveness of alternative medicine. In Switzerland, only a small percentage of patients opt for alternative medicine. In any case, supplemental insurance does exist that covers alternative medicine treatments, therefore, patients may choose freely the therapy or treatment that best suits them without having to consider whether they can afford alternative medicine.

Benefits of additional insurance in the field of alternative medicine include:

  • expansion of financial support for health therapies that further additional healing methods
  • assumption of a high share of the costs (up to 75%) that are incurred in pursuit of alternative healing remedies and therapies
  • a wide range of supported methods of healing, including both outpatient and inpatient therapies

A wide range of therapies are a partially or completely covered within the framework of supplementary insurance for alternative medicine.

On the market there are supplementary insurance packages that cover the costs of osteopathy, shiatsu, Bach flower therapy, and many other forms of treatment. In some cases compulsory insurance may cover a certain extent of some therapies such as homeopathy. However, for those who wish to receive both traditional treatment and have the option to consider alternative medicine, the supplementary insurance for alternative medicine is highly recommended.