Traffic legal protection: What is covered?

What disputes are covered by traffic legal expense insurance?

Whether you are pedestrian, passenger, or cyclist, traffic legal protection insurance can prove to be very useful for you. Of course this also holds true for motorists.

The coverage of traffic legal protection insurance sometimes also extends to the passengers of the vehicle driven by the policyholder.

This insurance can be useful in connection with the following disputes:

Traffic accidents

  • medical treatment as a result of a traffic accident
  • a fine, judgment, or driving license suspension or revocation
  • the repair of the vehicle
  • car rental or parking fees
  • compensation denial or insufficient compensation by insurance

The General Conditions of Insurance (GCI) of the particular insurer are decisive when it comes to the exact definition of services.

If you simultaneously enter into a private legal insurance and a traffic legal protection insurance, you can benefit from a combined discount. This means that the premium will be lower than if you had completed two separate contracts.