Fitness and Prevention


You do not need to wait for complications or problems to arise to start thinking about your health. By adopting a fitness program and taking preventative measures it is possible to protect your health and prevent disease and complications, while at the same time having fun and increasing your energy. In order to take charge of your health and well-being, consider a supplementary fitness insurance that can assist with the costs associated with fitness and prevention.

Benefits of supplementary fitness and prevention insurance include:

  • assistance with the cost of wellness and fitness subscriptions, for up to 400 francs per year (offers will vary depending on the insurance)
  • assistance with the cost of a back exercises, nutrition counseling or relaxation classes (offers vary depending on the specific supplementary measures of the particular insurance)
  • early detection of disease and vaccinations far beyond the services offered with the compulsory basic insurance
  • low premiums for supplementary insurance that includes "fitness and prevention" containing many useful benefits, such as assistance with costs of health checkups

Example of cost sharing in health promotion: Acquisition of 75% of costs up to CHF 200 per calendar year (Specific conditions may vary, depending on the insurance selected)

Investments in health and prevention yield returns far beyond the money saved in the long run. Investing in your health through a supplementary fitness insurance can improve your health and therefore the overall quality of your life. For this reason, we recommend taking advantage of exciting offers of financial assistance for fitness and preventative measures in supplementary insurance.