Operating rights protection

In contrast to the private, transport, and real estate legal protection insurance, which is mainly used by individuals, operating legal expenses insurance is primarily for businesses and the self-employed. Therefore, holders of this type of insurance are the owner of a business or self-employed. While this type of insurance is taken on a voluntary basis, for businesses it should be considered a must. This is because the everyday work world exposes businesses to many problems and disputes, ranging from a unpaid bill for a defective delivery to very complex processes.

Benefits of operating legal expenses insurance

Virtually all legal expenses insurance in Switzerland offer an operating rights protection option. Therefore, the choice of offers for the individual is very large and can be tailor-made to offer solutions for your business. In general, the risks covered include tort law, insurance law, contract, lease agreement, criminal, and administrative law.

The type of operation you run will determine whether you require more or less protection.

The following checklist allows you to check which key data to include in your operating legal expenses:

• usual travel expenses • fees for experts, and experts' legal fees • court fees and litigation expenses (usual guaranteed amount per case usually CHF 250,000)

• Insured disputes • Contractual claims • Non-contractual claims • damage from the operation by employees • legal rental and leasing real property law  • Nachbarrecht insurance coverage • protection in criminal and administrative proceedings

• premiums • calculation in parts per thousand of payroll • guarantee consistent premiums

• Geographical scope - Switzerland,  Europe, or Worldwide

• Temporal scope - Duration of contract termination coverage even before the insurance coverage ?