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Legal protection insurance : why?

Today legal protection insurance is indispensable in everyday life. 

Nowadays disputes are increasingly being brought before the court. This means an increased likelihood that you may one day find yourself in a dispute that ends up in a courtroom. Even the simplest cases can prove to be quite expensive. Lawyers, court fees, and experts that are necessary to protect your rights invariably cost a lot of money. 

Legal expenses insurance was created so that no one has to sacrifice the enforcement of his or her rights just because they lack the necessary financial resources. By take out such insurance, you are playing it safe. You can be confident that you will be able to enforce your rights and defend yourself if you are exposed to unwarranted procedures or performance requirements. 

Against the payment of a relatively small premium, the legal expenses insurer assumes the risk for costs and services incurred during a legal dispute. This assistance is especially valuable when you are abroad, or in the hospital, for example, as the result of an accident . 

The Legal Adviser from the insurance provider will inform you about the realistic chances of success at trial. In many cases the counterparty’s attorney is only willing to negotiate after the intervention or mandate from the insurer. 

Often it is the specialized insurers, sometimes in collaboration with the major insurance groups, which offer a legal expenses insurance. It is possible for a legal dispute to affect your car insurance or your health insurance. Specialized legal protection insurance offers the best guarantee for optimal independence in such cases. 

It is possible to enter into an individual contract, or to protect the whole family with a single insurance contract. The solutions differ primarily by the maximum coverage amount per case, the franchise, the local scope, and the possibility of a free choice of lawyer. 

It is important to note that the legal expenses insurance intervenes only in cases that occurred after the conclusion of the contract, and sometimes only after a predetermined waiting period. Therefore it does make sense to conclude a legal expenses insurance contract for assistance with a pre-existing dispute. 

The local scope strongly affects the premium: Switzerland and Liechtenstein , the European Union or EFTA countries, or even the whole world. 

What disputes are covered by the private legal insurance? 

With private legal expenses insurance you are covered against all the disputes that are not covered in the transport sector or occupation insurance. This applies to all conflicts that you may be exposed to in your role as a consumer policyholder, traveler, tourist, employee, or tenant. If you own a property, the inclusion of disputes related to your property usually requires a higher premium. 

If you simultaneously enter into a traffic legal protection insurance and a private legal protection insurance, you can benefit from a combined discount. This means that the premium will be lower than if you had completed two separate contracts. 

The private legal protection insurance can typically be used in the following areas: 

  • Criminal Law: if a criminal complaint was filed against you, or if you have filed a criminal complaint against someone to exercise your right asserted
  • Damages: in order to exercise your rights if you have suffered an injury or a disadvantage
  • Insurance Law: Your disputes with private insurers, social insurances (AVS, SUVA, AI, etc.), health insurance , pension insurance, etc.
  • Ownership Law: with respect to the mobile objects which are in your possession, but not that when it comes to building or land, an additional premium is usually charged
  • Labour Law: for example, in the event of improper termination - it is important to note a waiting period is required
  • Patient rights: disputes with doctors, hospitals or medical staff
  • Contracts : contracts for sale, leasing, rental, travel and vacation, subscriptions (newspapers and magazines, fitness, ... ), telecommunications
  • Tenant Protection: against the landlord as well as neighbors
  • Help to Victims of Crime : Entitlement to benefits provided by law
  • Sometimes the insurer provides clients with legal advice. The number of consultations is limited (generally to one consultation per year or up to a predetermined amount). 


What you should know 

  • Legal disputes can quickly cost you several thousand francs
  • With legal expenses insurance you can insurance against these costs for a relatively cheap price
  • You can take out combined legal protection insurance for private and labor law, traffic law and leases, or insure each area individually
  • Whether legal protection insurance pays off for you depends on your personal risk assessment and your risk of exposure to lawsuits
  • Keep in mind that many legal areas are not covered by legal expense insurance, particularly in family and inheritance law, as well as in construction and real estate
  • Select a policy that starts coverage early