Pillar 3a/b




Pillar 3a (Tied Pension)

Do you want to make provisions for your older age and at the same time still save on taxes? Then, for you, an investment in the fixed pension - also called Pillar 3a – is just right.

The pillar 3a is a long-term savings instrument. The money is "tied", and is available to savers earlier than five years before reaching retirement age. In contrast to the AHV and pension fund, contributions to the column 3a are voluntary. For the employed with the 2nd pillar, up to an amount of CHF 6'566 and maximum for the employed without 2nd pillar up to 20 percent of earned income or 32,832 francs are exempt (as of 2010). All gainfully employed persons in Switzerland can deposit in this pillar.

The Pillar 3a also provides the classical form of savings for the self-employed. The Pillar 3a used in their case is only a precautionary saving. The risks of death and disability must also be covered separately, either by an additional insurance (pension policy) or with a life insurance policy.

Now is the time to think about your personal pension, it is never too early. Experts will advise you free of charge and without obligation.

Pillar 3b (Free Provision)

In contrast to Pillar 3a, Pillar 3b contains no regulations regarding the amount of pension assets of that can be paid. The free screening is characterized by high individuality and flexibility. The saver is free to decide to what extent and for what purpose the free provision is to be operated. In contrast to the retirement savings, contributions to Pillar 3b are not subject to any exemptions. The money saved in Pillar 3b can be collected at any time and in any amount. Deposits in Pillar 3b are open to any person.