Travel insurance:

Cancellation, Personal Assistance, and Luggage Protection

Cancellation Insurance Something unexpected can always occur - a minor accident, an illness, a problem at work – that may mean you have to give up a trip that has been planned far in advance. This can get expensive! If you have travel insurance, you are protected from such unpleasant consequences!

Personal Assistance Once at the destination a contingency, such as an illness or accident, can happen and require a return. Travel insurance covers the associated costs, for example, rescue, transport to hospital, or repatriation. The severity of these potential costs is not to be underestimated.

Luggage Insurance While unpleasant to consider is possible that your luggage may be lost or damaged during the course of your travels. The coverage, which protects you against theft, damage, loss or late delivery, is not always included in the basic premium. Therefore, it is important to consider the details of each individual policy carefully