Accident Insurance (UVG)

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 Accident Insurance The Federal Law on Accident Insurance (UVG) is applicable for accident insurance with private insurance companies and with SUVA.

Employers must cover the premiums for occupational accidents and diseases, while employees must bear the premiums for non-occupational accidents. The employer pays the entire premium amount, and deducts the proportion the employee bears from the employee’s salary.

The UVG accident insurance covers treatment costs for both professional and non-occupational accidents, i.e. accidents that happen during employee’s off-time. Those who are employed by a single employer for at least 8 hours per week are automatically insured against accidents (UVG-insured), and can safely select health insurance without accident coverage. This results in, depending on the health insurance premiums, a reduction of up to 10%. Once someone is no longer insured by the employer against accidents, he or she must report it to their insurance provider. The accident coverage under the KVG reactivates and the premium increases. Recipients of unemployment benefit are insured against accidents by SUVA.

It is important to note that the UVG accident insurance offers far better protection than the accident insurance under the KVG. Those insured with UVG are covered even when incurring excessive of costs of medical treatment . In addition, the LAA provides additional services such as daily allowances, pensions or compensation in cases of serious accidents.