Your vehicle is normally covered for:

• Self -inflicted accidental damage • Willful damages (even if the driver at fault commits hit and run) • All damages that are already covered in the partial coverage

A comprehensive insurance would be particular valuable for new cars. Leased vehicles must be fully insured.
In the event of total loss of the original price, you will be refunded for up to one-year of having the car. After the replacement value or a degree with value supplement also much more.


• Combine partial -and full comprehensive insurance with a value supplement • Make that Mader damages are covered in the comprehensive insurance • Check how theft is compensated (some insurers will only pay the value) • Check if there are local restrictions on the validity of the insurance

Passenger Accident Insurance

Passenger accident insurance covers accidents and damage to persons arising from the insured vehicle. This includes medical expenses, hospital fees, disability, and death of passengers of the insured vehicle. This insurance is not mandatory, if the passengers are insured by the insurance or your employer.

This insurance should usually work for people living and driving in Switzerland. However, if you often carry foreign passengers or customers in company vehicles, a passenger accident insurance is certainly useful.