Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy.

Optima Plus is a Swiss insurance platform and submitted to young consumers primarily to request insurance quotes from different providers. These needs Optima Plus personal and non-personal information of users. This privacy statement explains what data Optima Plus including processed, unless this is apparent from the circumstances.

Legal principles, changes

In the processing of personal data of users is Optima Plus holds this privacy statement and the applicable legislation, in particular the Swiss Data Protection Act (DPA).

Optima Plus obliged to do so, the employees and companies that process data on behalf of users. The range of Optima Plus expands with time. For this reason, or due to other changed circumstances Optima Plus can customize this Privacy Policy at any time without notice and message. Whichever is the latest, published on the website Optima Plus version.

data required

Be applicable in principle, all personal data that arise in the course of using the services of Optima Plus and otherwise in exchange with Optima Plus. These include:

• data that users enter via online forms or otherwise in connection with the use of discount Optima Plus notified (eg facebook, email), including personal data (name, address, phone number, email address, birth date, gender , cash, etc.);

• automatically transferred or obtained utilization data (eg date and time of use, previous and referring page, IP address, data used browser, device ID, your current location, to the extent this information is released, etc.) as well as interaction data, where no installation of additional programs on the computer possible (eg, mouse movements and clicks and keystrokes on the website);

• generated by Optima Plus or a third party, personal information (eg, identifiers, personal offers from suppliers, the Optima Plus for the user provides);

• correspondence and other communication with the user (eg, e-mails, phone calls, which, where necessary, can be recorded). These data can be linked together, this over several visits and contacts across when a user or a profile eg is recognized based on a user name, an email address, a device identifier or stored in browser "cookies".

Cookies are a common technique in which the user's browser will be allocated from the website an identifier, which stores this case and adduced upon request. Optima Plus can this identifier usually expire after a session, but uses persistent cookies in order to analyze the use of the website and to personalize the website. With corresponding settings in the browser can persistent cookies are automatically deleted, restricted or locked (read more here for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome). This limits the use of the site not one. Are also the only temporary cookies ("session cookies") prevents the use of the website, however, can be affected. Allows a user cookies, Optima Plus assumes that it would agree to their use.

Optima Plus used on the site partly elements and services of third parties that provide usage statistics or allow the user access to social networks and other external offers. This can raise these third party personal self to a limited extent data about users of Optima Plus, so far as it eg recognize the basis of own cookies or logins. It is in this third particular Facebook, Google (Adwords, Google+, Youtube), NetMetrix (usage statistics), Optimizely (usage statistics) and m-pathy (usage statistics). To protect the privacy of users, considered Optima Plus settings of the browser, which indicate that a track ("tracking") is not desired and then works only with such third parties, which likewise take into account (more on that here for Internet Explorer, Firefox) . However, if a user clicks on a link in an advertisement or otherwise of a foreign bid, the user leaves the sphere of influence of Optima Plus and Optima Plus can not control the further data collection. The user must keep this regard to the third party.

Data processing Optima Plus can use the data collected by him or on behalf of the user for the following purposes:

• to provide the services offered by Optima Plus;

• provides for the compilation of statistics of all kinds, such as the interest in products and in the use of services, the Optima Plus; • to design and develop the services and offers of Optima Plus;

• for internal training purposes and for quality control;

• the maintenance and development of customer relationships (eg newsletters);

• to control the display of advertising and own ads (for third parties);

• to ensure the safety and availability of the systems and data from Optima Plus or the Service Providers;

• for any business transactions of Optima Plus, which affect user data)

• to prevent, detect and combat abuse;

• relate to answer legitimate, regulatory inquiries or in connection with the enforcement of claims or other litigation, the Optima Plus or is otherwise involved in the Optima Plus. More use purposes may be arising from the circumstances or from legal obligations or displayed in the collection of the relevant data. Transfer of data to third parties Optima Plus are basically any personal data to third parties, with the following exceptions:

• Optima Plus may call upon third parties who process personal data on behalf of and exclusively for the purposes of Optima Plus (eg polling organizations). Optima Plus ensures an appropriate way, the data that these third parties only process so as Optima Plus also allowed.

Announce • Optima Plus Can personal data to third parties if the user so desires (request for proposal, application, etc.), this is necessary for the provision of desired by the user service or if Optima Plus has the user expressly advised of the disclosure of his data. In exceptional cases (eg abuse) can cause an announcement of user data to third parties and to the other as described in this Privacy Statement or statutory purposes.

Optima Plus can not control, guarantee and vouch that these third parties comply with the data protection provisions applicable to Optima Plus; they edit the data for its own purposes and may also abroad, where there may be no legal data protection as in Switzerland. Optima Plus can announce third further anonymized user data, ie Data in a form in which the part of such third parties no conclusions as to the identity of the users are possible and expected.

data Storage

Optima Plus handles all data collected by him basically in Switzerland and store them on systems in Switzerland. Under the Beizugs external service, it may come, both for individual user data by Optima Plus abroad. For the transmission of user data abroad may lead to a third party even if the sharing of data, in particular, if the offer of Optima Plus social networks or other services of third parties are used. Optima Plus makes under the custody and other processing for user data appropriate technical and organizational measures to prevent unauthorized access and other unauthorized processing. These are regularly reviewed and adjusted as necessary, even at the charge of the operation of its systems to third parties.

Marketing, Communication

Optima Plus can all users who register with an email address or other electronic address or mobile number to send to their address or number from time to time our newsletter or other (even commercial) content in connection with the offers of Optima Plus. By registering, the user consents to, but (read more at the end of each message), the delivery or display of such messages at any time and stop for free.

Legal provisions

Copyright / use of the website

All published at the Internet address Optima Plus on the net information and content, including pricing and / or service information by health insurers and insurance and related representations are protected by copyright and are under the copyright of Optima Plus, hereinafter called Optima Plus. Optima Plus expressly reserves all rights in this respect. You not transfer any title in respect of the Software or other items sold under the Internet address information accessed through use, downloading or copying. The same is true with respect to the designation in question guido, which is a registered trademark. Use of the Website Optima Plus is subject to the following conditions:

• The user of Optima Plus commit themselves explicitly in any way or form to use the information made available on Optima Plus outside of the original intended use further. In particular, it omits the user to copy the data accessible to publish or otherwise, including on the Internet, reproduce in any form.

• Links to the offers of Optima Plus are expressly permitted, provided that they remain clearly recognizable as discount Optima Plus. Please inform Optima Plus, when you attach a link to the Optima Plus offer, so Optima Plus can notify you in accordance with a possible restructuring your site (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). For violations of these copyright conditions Optima Plus reserves the right to take legal action.

No invitation to purchase

The information published by Optima Plus information does not constitute a recommendation or a solicitation to buy or sell any products or services.

additional Information

By using the Web site Optima Plus, the user agrees that Optima Plus to time for more information on services providing them with copies of time. The user will always have the opportunity Optima Plus notified by e-mail that they want any more information.

Information provided without guarantee

Optima Plus is striving to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the information presented by it, but it makes no express or implied representation or warranty regarding the accuracy, reliability or completeness. Optima Plus expressly reserves the right to change the information published at any time or withdraw the access to the public.

no Liability

Optima Plus has no liability (including negligence) for any loss or damage, including direct and indirect consequential damages that may result from the access, use or any other use of the information published and opinions or from the link of Optima Plus with other sites also if Optima Plus has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

No guarantee of other sites from the website

Optima Plus can be reached from other sites using inserted by Optima Plus links. Optima Plus can accept no responsibility and / or liability for these websites and their content.