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There are two types of car insurance -

First, car liability insurance is compulsory. In order to get your vehicle approved it is necessary to provide proof of insurance. The liability insurance covers property damage and bodily injury which a third party may suffer by your vehicle. The legal minimum coverage in Switzerland is CHF 5,000,000. However, it is recommended to obtain an unlimited amount of cover, as the charge is very low and protects you against financial ruin.

The insurance covers: • damage to persons or property caused by your vehicle (this includes the loss of earnings as a result of such damage) • accumulation of legal fees and court costs as a result of damage The insurance does not cover: • damage to your own vehicle • driving without a license

It is important to note that in certain cases, you may lose your insurance coverage. This can happen if the vehicle had serious security flaws, if the damage was caused intentionally, if an unlicensed driver is operating the car, or if you are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

How are the contributions calculated? The contributions consist of the sum insured, the vehicle type, the intended use of the vehicle, the mileage, city, parking situation, age, and any previous claims

There are some discounts available, these mainly apply for:

• " Low rider " (usually under 10,000 km per year)

• " Self-Drive" (those who drive their care exclusively )

• Garage owner

• second car owner

Bonus level The best savings can be seen if you are in a motor vehicle accident. License holders have to pay up to 240% of the basic amount. Driver who are accident-free for 18 years can receive a contribution of 30%.

Second, there is partial coverage or comprehensive insurance. These two forms of insurance are optional. However, both forms cover a number of risks that could be very costly without it. Collision insurance replaces damage to property caused by damage, destruction or theft to your own vehicle.