International Insurance

Worldwide Health Insurance  

In the case of an accident or illness abroad, the financial security provided by the compulsory basic insurance is not always enough. The coverage under the compulsory basic insurance is limited, and often restricted to basic medical treatment in a foreign country. Depending on the country where medical treatment is sought, this limit may be exceeded very quickly. This is when a worldwide health insurance is needed. Worldwide insurance often offers complete cost recovery for medical treatment abroad. This even includes emergency rescues and return transportation to Switzerland.

Benefits of worldwide health insurance include:

• partial or entire cost recovery for emergencies (instead of the standard rate limited to twice the cost in the canton of residence or subject to the limitations posed in agreements with the EU)

• the possibility of full coverage for emergency transport and return to Switzerland

• the possibility of coverage for high cost search and rescue operations (depending on the particular insurance)

Worldwide health insurance is often part of a comprehensive supplementary insurance solution, and is especially valuable and recommended for Swiss residents who travel abroad more than once a year for work or pleasure. For these individuals, the protections a worldwide insurance afford make it an extremely important investment. Nonetheless, even for less frequent travelers, it is highly recommended.